Wild Well Expands UK Base

Wild Well Control (Wild Well), a Superior Energy Services company, has announced the expansion of its Montrose facility at South Ferryden, UK.

Wild Well maintains the WellCONTAINED subsea containment system at Montrose Port.

The equipment is staged in a ready-to-deploy state and includes full subsea well intervention systems, including a subsea capping stack, debris removal shears, hardware kits for the subsea application of dispersant and inhibition fluids and other ancillary equipment, the company explained.

Barry Moir, UK managing director, Wild Well, said, “This facility investment reflects our long-term commitment to support our clients by providing the best-in-class response to a subsea capping and containment incident. Our highly qualified emergency response well control and subsea engineering personnel deliver innovative solutions in a timely manner and our commitment to the existing warehouse and extension build-out will provide an optimum working environment for our WellCONTAINED service line, which will be central to our continued success.”

We are very pleased to be working with the Montrose Port Authority on this exciting development. We look forward to building on our excellent working relationships held with all stakeholders and the community at-large through our commitment to the region,” added Moir.

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