The need for personnel to be able to demonstrate competence is a necessary pre-requisite for all areas of the global offshore sector, with Oil and Gas OperatorsEPC Contractors and Service Companies being at the forefront.

With Quality Assurance Systems and Regulations often requiring this now, in the future it will potentially become impossible to work offshore without the ability to demonstrate competence through the means of, for example, holding a record of competence/logbook in the same way that medicals, offshore safety and survival certificates and records are kept.

This is why HPR UK has prepared itself for this inevitability by joining the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and also being a member of the Offshore Survey Division and the ROV Division. IMCA’s International Competence Framework provides a means by which HPR UK and the marine contracting industry can demonstrate the competence of its personnel in  safety-critical roles and other key positions which they fulfill.