Vryhof and Franklin Offshore Enhance APAC Services

Vryhof and CFE Engineers Asia, a subsidiary of Franklin Offshore, have signed an agreement to further enhance the services they provide in Asia Pacific region.

For some time, Vryhof and Franklin Offshore have been working together to serve permanent mooring system clients in the APAC region. The new plan involves working alongside CFE Engineers for the local fabrication of Vryhof products.

Given on our mutual understanding and trust, this is the logical next step in our relationship,”explained Leopoldo Bello, managing director at Vryhof.

“Franklin Offshore is a partner with a solid reputation in this geographical region. In terms of production, compared with Rotterdam, we can save around five weeks of transport time. We are therefore both convinced that creating this new competitive top-tier market participant offers solid prospects for the future, for all parties concerned. It not only delivers numerous benefits for our customers in the promising Asia-Pacific offshore industry, but we are also convinced that by leveraging the knowledge and capabilities at both our companies, we will successfully improve the growth potential of this relationship.”

Angie Tang, CEO and director at Franklin Offshore added, “Over the past few months we have spent a great deal of time with the experts at Vryhof, sharing a wealth of information. One thing is certain: we have the same market outlook. We can clearly look forward to exciting times ahead, and are confident that signing this manufacturing agreement will be the starting point and a solid foundation for achieving great milestones in the APAC region. What makes this agreement so beneficial is that our customers will now have access to the knowledge of two anchoring and mooring experts. The complete, multidisciplinary project team from Franklin Offshore will be responsible for the mooring aspects, with support for projects from shallow through to deep water, while Vryhof will provide the anchoring skills. This combination not only brings together a higher level of knowledge and expertise but also more attractive pricing.”

The alliance can offer oil and gas companies in the APAC region a full suite of mooring solutions delivered in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

Vryhof and Franklin Offshore in Singapore have developed an excellent working relationship over the past few years. The two companies have now entered into a formal alliance, under the terms of which Franklin Offshore becomes exclusive marketer and reseller for Vryhof’s anchoring and mooring equipment in the Asia-Pacific region, while Vryhof will be available to provide engineering support as and when required.

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