UXOcontrol completes Kincardine offshore wind farm campaign

UXOcontro has completed the UXO identification campaign for the Kincardine offshore wind farm.

Located approximately 15km off the south-east coast of Aberdeen, Kincardine offshore wind farm has a nominal capacity of 50 MW. It comprises offshore floating wind turbine structures, an offshore export cable, a landfall and an onshore export cable. 

UXOcontrol’s first UK contract as the rebranded joint venture of N-Sea and BODAC, was awarded by Cobra Wind International, which has been contracted to undertake the engineering, design, supply, construction and commissioning of the wind farm.

Following geographical survey works, the identification campaign started in May 2020, with the mobilisation of UXOcontrol‘s fully-equipped UXO clearance vessel, the Noordhoek Pathfinder (NHP), which conducted works at water depths varying from 13.9m to 87m over a period of four weeks.

N-Sea CEO, Arno van Poppel said: “The renewable energy sector is one of UXOcontrol’s key markets and we are excited to showcase our capabilities and expertise by working on a project as significant as the Kincardine offshore wind farm. 

“Our experts offer an unrivalled level of international UXO experience and we have worked closely with Cobra Wind International to eliminate any UXO-related risks, ensuring the successful completion of the Kincardine project.”

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