Unique Introduces Its First Survey USV

Unique Group has designed and developed its first unmanned surface vehicle called Uni-Cat.

The Uni-Cat can be used for bathymetry survey offshore and in shallow waters. According to the company, it is ideal to be used in locations where conventional survey methods are not feasible.

The Uni-Cat USV is purpose built with a long-lasting battery and the endurance of the boat can be customised to client requirements by mounting different sonars & ancillary sensors suitable for hydrographic, search and recovery, oceanography and monitoring as well as inspection surveys.

Sahil Gandhi, chief operating officer at Unique Group, said: “Our extensive experience over the past 25 years has uniquely positioned us to understand client requirements and expectations, thus incorporating them in our USV Uni-Cat to ensure clients save time and cost without compromising on the accuracy of the data collected.”

Uni-Cat has a 16-foot Cataraft platform and is designed to provide ease of mobility and operability in areas which are difficult to access. The boat is integrated with multibeam, ancillary sensors and communication links into a remote-controlled platform for quick and easy deployment. Uni-Cat also has a real-time positioning and obstacle warning alarm unit along with a heading sensor for safe and guided navigation.

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