Ultra Deep Solutions Goes for Another DSCV

Ultra Deep Solutions has said it will begin design, engineering and build on its sixth diving support and construction vessel (DSCV).

The vessel will be a new Hybrid design keeping to the companies philosophy on environment and efficiency.

This new “Hybrid” will be 125 meters LOA and 25 meters BEAM, the company said.

Singapore-based company added that the build time should stay consistent with 28-30 months.

Shel Hutton, CEO of Ultra Deep Solutions, said:

“Our companies focus is to be a leader in subsea vessel technology. We have concentrated on Electric’s and Hydrogen for the last 3 years. Market condition’s have changed and oil majors are constantly looking for more efficient vessel alternatives.

“Our new “Hybrid” subsea line will compliment our fuel efficiency vessels already in operation. Our focus will be to reach 4-5 ton or less of fuel used per day on Dynamic Positioning mode. This is just the start for us to continue to strive in an ever changing vessel climate.”

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