TGS Plans Capreolus-2 Seismic Survey in Carnarvon Basin

TGS-NOPEC Geophysical (TGS) has submitted a proposal to NOPSEMA to undertake the Capreolus-2 3D marine seismic survey in Commonwealth waters of the Carnarvon Basin.

The survey is now open for public comment, NOPSEMA informed.

The purpose of the survey  is to collect high quality geophysical data about rock formations and structures beneath the seabed and assess potential for new oil and gas discoveries.

The acquisition area covers approximately 27,649 km2.

The survey will involve a single seismic survey vessel towing a seismic source array with a total volume of 3,480 cubic inches (in3). The seismic source will use compressed air to emit regular pulses of sound that reflect off the seabed and underlying rock formations. The reflected sound wave will be received by up to 12 hydrophone streamers.

The Capreolus-2 3D seismic survey may begin as early as May 2020 and will be completed before December 31, 2023.

The precise timing of the survey is subject to NOPSEMA’s acceptance of the EP, weather conditions, vessel availability and other operational considerations, and will take into account the seasonality of environmental sensitivities, where practicable.

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