TGS in New Survey Offshore Brazil

Kristian Johansen, CEO of TGS

TGS has announced the ‘Brazil Southern Basins SeaSeep Project’ in the Campos and Santos Basins, offshore Brazil.

The project will cover existing TGS surveys in these hydrocarbon rich basins as well as the pre-salt trend where many untested structures exist.

Acquisition of the multibeam will start late Q1 2018 with the coring and geochemistry stage to follow.

Data will be available in Q4 2018 over the ‘Round 16’ licensing areas scheduled in 2019. Final results in all areas will be available in late 2019.

The survey is designed to mirror the Gigante and Otos multibeam and seep study projects in the Gulf of Mexico, conducted in 2016 and 2017. The multibeam program will cover approximately 200,000 km2 and will be used to identify 330 core target locations.

“The Brazil Southern Basins SeaSeep Project will provide further insight into the Southern Basins of Brazil and contribute to the knowledge and understanding of these highly prospective areas. I am very pleased to see TGS returning to Brazil to acquire new data after a four-year absence. This new project is a complementary addition to our extensive historical data library in this region,” Kristian Johansen, CEO of TGS, said.

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