Talos produces first oil from Gulf of Mexico field

Houston-based oil and gas company Talos Energy has produced first oil and associated gas from the Bulleit field located in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

Bulleit field development scenario map; Source: Otto Energy

The Bulleit field is located in Green Canyon 21, which is operated by Talos Energy with a 50 per cent interest.

Talos’ partners are EnVen Energy Ventures and Otto Energy holding 33.3 per cent and 16.7 per cent working interests, respectively.

Otto Energy said in an update on Monday, the well produced the first oil on 15 October 2020 from the MP reservoir interval and delivered first sales to the pipeline that afternoon.

The project has been developed via a 10-mile subsea tieback to the Talos-operated GC 18 Whistler platform where production is being processed and then delivered into regional oil and gas sales pipelines.

According to Talos Energy’s update from 7 October, there have been numerous weather-related delays, including Hurricane Delta, during the completion and hook-up operations of the Bulleit well.

Otto also added that Talos has a planned well production ramp-up strategy where production will slowly be increased in 1000 bopd increments until the well reaches a steady-state production rate.

Otto’s CEO and Managing Director, Mike Utsler, commented: “The development and startup of the Bulleit field is a significant milestone for Otto Energy and its shareholders.

“The field and its production form an important component of our robust base business in both the offshore and onshore Gulf of Mexico, where we now produce oil and gas from three excellent fields”.

Talos confirmed the Bulleit well as commercial discovery in June 2019. The well was spud in May 2019 and drilled using the Noble Don Taylor drillship.

Drilling operations were concluded in August. The well encountered approximately 140 feet of net true vertical depth (TVD) oil pay in the shallow target, the DTR-10 Sand, and approximately 110 feet of net TVD oil pay in the deeper MP Sand.

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