SMP’s diving system for Turkish shipyard

SMP has received an order to supply a bespoke diving system for a Turkish shipyard.

The system contains a 20ft containerised decompression chamber, a 20ft machinery container with a 10ft containerised dive control, a single basket LARS and 4×50 ltr scuba replacement package (SRP).

The 1.8m deck decompression chamber will have a depth rating of 100 meters and a working pressure of 10 Bar.

Installed with CCTV, a sound powered phone and a medical lock, the chamber is able to accommodate 4 persons seated or 2 persons lying down.

The LARS system has been designed to be compact and have a small footprint. The A-Frame retracts to allow it to fit into a standard ISO 20’ shipping container. The LARS has the capability of delivering 2 divers to a maximum depth of 50 meters.

The containerised mixed gas system will allow for various diving scenarios and allow operators to monitor diver’s depth and oxygen levels. The container is fitted with a flat screen monitor allowing them to visually assess the situation.

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