Seatools Kits Out Van Oord’s Subsea Rock Installation Vessel

Subsea technology company Seatools has completed the delivery of automated fall pipe ROV on behalf of its client Van Oord.

The ROV will serve Van Oord’s new subsea rock installation vessel Bravenes.

The 450-kW rock installation ROV underwent sea trials and is ready to be deployed for SRI campaigns.

The ROV positions the fall pipe above the target and with high accuracy facilitates rock installation in over 1000 meters water depth, the company explains.

The ROV control system was taken to the next level by the introduction of an automated thruster tuning functionality. This feature enables automatic tuning of the hydraulic propulsion system required by wear over time or after component replacement.

Jan Frumau, Seatools’ managing director, said: “Fruitful cooperation between the companies resulted in a cutting-edge piece of subsea equipment that features the latest innovations in the field of ROV technology. We rest assured that Van Oord will perform efficient rock installation campaigns thanks to our long-term collaboration and the delivery of this mission-critical device.”

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