Scottish firms team up on cost-effective subsea surveys

Aberdeen-based Underwater Contracting (UCO) and Gulfxstream from the Isle of Lewis, have teamed up with aim to reduce costs of underwater inspection and survey.

The deal sees the permanent installation of one of UCO’s observation and inspection ROVs aboard Gulfxstream’s MV Viking.

“The combination of the ROV and vessel in a cost effective package gives clients access to a single source solution for services,” said Calum Buchanan, MD of Gulfxstream.

The partners expect various projects, such as underwater inspection of marine and renewable structures, hydrographic surveying, environmental monitoring and ocean research, search and rescue, hull inspections at sea or in port, emergency response for cable and pipeline damage identification.

In addition, the MV Viking can provide UWILDs, EOD and MMO support, seabed surveys, wave buoy deployment, salvage support and also other services.

The collaboration came in response to the impact Covid-19 is having on some offshore operations, creating a need for a fast, quickly mobilised service capable of carrying out a variety of tasks across a range of disciplines.

The two companies are now planning a rollout of the service to west Scotland and other ports around the UK. They believe this will create additional jobs and further investment in the two companies.

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