Saab Seaeye debuts all-electric work-class manipulator

Saab Seaeye

Electric subsea robotics specialist Saab Seaeye has developed its first seven-function all-electric work-class manipulator.

According to Seaeye, it introduces an equally powerful, more precise and more intelligent manipulator than the hydraulic equivalent on WROVs.

Its control system enables both manual and automated control, with the potential for full autonomy in the future.

Millimetre precision comes from each of the seven joint modules’ microprocessor for intelligent, intuitive and precise arm control.

This brings exacting, repeatable, precision which can predict limb motion paths for self-collision avoidance, adjusts movement requests to meet available power and collates joint data for unified control, the company explains.

The combined lift capacity and range of motion exceeds that of any manipulator on the market, Seaeye claims.

The design includes an adaptable power input system with advanced power management.

The titanium built electric manipulator’s planned reliability also aims to reduce operating costs.

Namely, it requires far less maintenance when compared to hydraulic systems.

The electric manipulator’s intuitive control simplifies use of the manipulator by mimicking the movement of the master arm.

Algorithms also predict and manage movement at each joint.

Sab Seaeye believes that the electric manipulator’s advanced technology will enable the transition from manual control to supervised autonomy with advanced perception systems, towards full autonomy.

As the underwater world moves towards an all-electric future, an ecologically friendly, significantly oil-free, all-electric system is expected to have wide appeal.

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