Rotech wraps up another North Sea campaign

Subsea, trenching and excavation specialist Rotech Subsea has recently completed a well-head and jacket reburial scope in the North Sea.

The Aberdeen-based firm mobilised its next generation TRS2 controlled flow excavation (CFE) and suspended jet trenching tool to complete the project in the Southern North Sea in Q3, 2020. The Rotech RSG grab tool also assisted in the recovery of a PLET structure in the UK Southern Basin.

The equipment operated in depths of up to 17 metres.

The TRS2 de-buried the jacket template and well-head, reaching up to 5.5 metres in deburial depth. Rotech also deployed the TRS2 for backfilling operations, minimising the effect on the seabed by filling the excavated area with the removed sediment.

Rotech’s RSG grab tool successfully lifted cuts of the PLET into a subsea basket at another site.

“Our RS range of Controlled Flow Excavation (CFE) and Suspended Jet Trenching tools have become the method of choice for Oil and Gas IRM scopes over other contact trenching systems and ploughs due to our teams’ unrivalled experience and our tools’ unrivalled performance,” said director of Subsea, Stephen Cochrane.

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