Pipeshield Scour Protection for East Anglia One

Pipeshield International has secured a contract from DeepOcean to supply the scour protection for the East Anglia One offshore wind farm.

Over 300 bespoke fronded concrete mattresses have been manufactured at the port of Great Yarmouth within close proximity of the deep water berth.

Fronds are a dense carpet of strands, like a bionic seaweed, woven together to create a system which slows down the sediment on the seabed, causing it to fall and create natural burial.

Pipeshield supplies fronded concrete mattresses with its specialist three part frond system.

A recyclable protective cover protects the system during storage and transportation. This is removed prior to installation.

Once the mattress is in place on the seabed a detachable safety net is pulled away releasing the frond system and starting the burial process.

Pipeshield’s general manager David Blake said, “We are delighted to receive the award by DeepOcean for the supply of the scour protection for EA1. To be part of the first zone of such a significant project is fantastic. Local content has been discussed a lot during contract negotiations, so it is particularly nice that we have been able to utilize both locations for this project, Lowestoft (Design & Contracts) and Great Yarmouth (Manufacture & Delivery).”

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