Paradigm Marks Success in US

Paradigm Flow Services’ Houston division has secured work worth £7 million ($9.7 million) in the last 12 months.

In late 2016, Kevin Keogh relocated from the company’s Aberdeenshire HQ to Houston where he now heads up business development activities as VP of Commercial.

The commercial and engineering capability of the local team has been further enhanced by new recruits Fernando Hernandez and Andrew Forrest.

Paradigm Flow Services has secured larger premises in Houston from which it can better serve its growing client base in North and South America. The organisation is continuing to expand its network of partner companies in a variety of ways to increase growth and penetration into these markets.

Central to ongoing success in the American market has been Paradigm Flow Services’ Flexi-Coil technology the company explains.

This innovative, patented system provides a new generation solution for intervention into flowline, riser and pipelines while live and online.

Also in demand in the US and The Americas is the diagnostic capability Find-Block which has more than 20 applications across four continents. The system delivers diagnostic data which enables the accurate location of blockages and obstructions in pipelines.

Paradigm Flow Services US, managing director, Rob Bain said: “Like many, we have experienced an exceptionally tough time but it was always important for us to get on the front foot, invest in quality people like Kevin and Fernando for business development, and Andy who brings a very high level of experience and knowledge to elevate Flexi-Coil’s technical capability.”

“Our permanent presence in Houston has also been crucial in ensuring that we get ourselves in front of prospective clients, especially in key target markets such as Brazil and Latin America which are important areas of focus in our internationalisation plans.”

“There is no doubt that our commitment to our physical presence in Houston and the calibre of people we have operating from there have been instrumental in our success during the past 12 months and we look forward to building on this as we look to the future with confidence and optimism.”

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