Optime Subsea delivers NUI pressure chambers

Optime Subsea has delivered two ultra-deep pressure chambers to NUI, the Bergen-based Norwegian independent hyperbaric research and test facility.

As subsea tools and equipment testing and verification expert, NUI made an investment in these pressure chambers last year.

The chambers have a working pressure of 1000 bar – named Asterix and 700 bar – named Obelix.

The names do fit well to the description as Asterix is somewhat smaller in size compared to Obelix,” NUI said.

The chambers design, with supplied test baskets and parking stands, makes the mobilisation and equipment loading safe and efficient.

The advanced pressure system on both pressure chambers allow customers easily to decide pressure cycling, pressure rates and hold times.

The pressure-set runs automatically with the pre-set data allow for off-site monitoring.

Each chamber has several chamber penetrators for control, monitoring and measurements.

The installation started today, 6 July 2020, right after the ongoing FAT completed.

The official opening should take place on 1 September, but the chambers should be customer-ready from 1 August 2020.

“By investing in these chambers, we are also positioning ourselves to support the Norwegian and the global ocean space strategy, e.g. deep sea mining,” NUI said.

“As far as we know, Asterix and Obelix are the deepest and largest at their pressure-level and size, and we are very much looking forward to serving our customers.”

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