NewTek designs long-term submersible linear position sensors

NewTek Sensor Solutions offers custom designs of Submersible Linear Position Sensors.

Constructed of special alloys they have chemical resistance to water depths exceeding 4,500 metres and external pressures up to 20,000psi.

Incorporated into a range of subsea measurement systems, NewTek Subsea and Marine Sensor designs measure the strain on mooring chains that keep ships or platforms stationary and monitoring structural movement and elongation of pipelines, derricks and structural components of an oil platform to a fraction of a microstrain.

Position measurements ensure the drilling platform doesn’t shift to more than 2 millimetres to ensure ongoing stability.

The Submersible LVDTs also find their use on the valves of Christmas tree chokes to provide position feedback as part of a remote monitoring and control system. These LVDTs come with AC, DC or custom digital outputs.

The higher content of nickel, chromium and molybdenum in the alloys extends the corrosion resistance of NewTek Submersible Position Sensors.

Standard sensors constructed of stainless steel that typically rust and pit during long-term exposure to seawater, resulting in failure.

“Even when submerged during its entire service life, the LVDTs offer excellent repeatability regardless of high pressure and temperature drops.

“Long-term reliability in subsea and marine applications is critical to avoid costly and difficult repairs of installed equipment,” NewTek noted.

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