Logan Introduces New Passive Heave Compensation Winch

Logan Industries (Logan), a hydraulic repair, manufacturing and rental company, has launched a new Passive Heave Compensation Winch.

The new Passive Heave Compensation Winch system, a set of winches engineered to provide constant tension through the rated range of motion, is primarily used in subsea drilling and completion activity, but applicable to any environment where a load experiences resistance to movement due to hydrodynamic drag.

The winch is electrically powered and uses a custom-built Hydraulic Power Unit and control set to monitor winch status and activity.

With a design life of 20 years, the winch provides passive compensation over a wide range of movement.

Dean Carey, technical director, Logan, said, “We receive many requests for active compensation winches, but these machines are typically difficult to troubleshoot and few technicians can work on them. Alternatively, we believe adequate compensation for many tasks can be achieved with a less complex, passive compensation device. The difference in load variation between the ‘active’ and ‘passive’ is usually insignificant and the trade-off in reduced complexity is definitely worth it to most operators. The Passive Heave Compensation Winch will ultimately reduce operators’ costs.”

The Passive Heave Compensation Winch, which can be controlled from a Local Operator Console, is equipped with two independent winch drums per Winch Skid. Each Winch Skid features an energy regeneration circuit to provide continuous heave compensation.

The system is designed to operate the winches autonomously and only requires periodic pressure monitoring and maintenance. To date, two Winch Skids with a common power unit have been delivered and installed on a semi-submersible.

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