JFSE Executes Middle East Project

JFSE has completed its latest cable and pipeline trenching project in the Middle East.

The project included 70 kilometers of cable trenching and survey of 33mm fibre optic cables associated with the development of one of the world’s largest offshore producing fields.

JFSE Utilised its SP6000 tool with launch and recovery system (LARS) and the controlled flow excavation (CFE) specialist’s patented central jetting system.

Operations included providing tone generation at the platforms, a TSS cable tracker with altimeter, sub bottom profilers and Gemini multi-bean echo sounder to monitor trenching operations. JFSE also provided full as-built survey as part of the overall project deliverables.

Faisel Chaudry, JFSE’s regional director, said: “The project had such variable soil conditions that cutting capability was key to delivering a successful outcome. We have once again demonstrated how developing and continually enhancing our patented jetting system, which significantly boosts the soil-cutting abilities of our excavators, benefits our clients.”

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