JDR preps next batch of Kriegers Flak cables

JDR is loading out its third batch of cables set for Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea.

The TFKable Group company is supplying 170 kilometres of 33 kV cables for the 72-turbine offshore wind farm.

As part of this latest load-out JDR is spooling to vessel 57.5 kilometres of inter-array cables which will carry the electricity generated by the wind turbines to an offshore substation.

UK-based Global Offshore is in charge of installing the 72 inter-array cables at the Kriegers Flak site.

The company’s vessel Nomand Clipper geared up for Kriegers Flak job following successful sea trials in October last year.

The Normand Clipper is on a long-term charter from Solstad Offshore for up to eight years.

The vessel was fitted with a 4,000-tonne cable carousel, two 15-tonne cable tensioners, a 25-tonne quadrant deployment frame and a fully integrated control system.

Specifically, these modifications will allow the vessel to install up to three inter-array cables per day.

With a production capacity of just over 600 MW, Kriegers Flak will be Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm.

Vattenfall selected JDR for the Kriegers Flak project in March 2019.

Tekmar Energy is supplying the cable protection systems as well as cable hang-off assemblies for the project.

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