Huisman Names New CEO | Subsea World News

Huisman has appointed Theo Bruijninckxas the company’s new chief executive officer, effective immediately.

This appointment follows the decision of Joop Roodenburg to step down as the CEO to fulfill the role of president.

Theo Bruijninckx is overall responsible for the daily operation of the company, Joop Roodenburg will focus on the continuous development of the technical solutions and on the relationships with customers.

On May 01, 2017, Theo Bruijninckx, a Business Economics and Postdoctoral Controller graduate, joined Huisman as chief financial officer and member of the board.

Joop Roodenburg said: “Since 1981 Huisman is a family owned business. I have taken over from my father and my wish is to handover the company to the next generation. I am 67 now and want to step into a new role which allows me to fully focus on innovative technology for our current and new markets. We have been working with Theo for almost a year now and are convinced that he will further build on a solid and more structured foundation for our company. Besides his proven experience in a sector relevant to our business, we share the same conviction that innovation is key for the success of Huisman. In addition, we have come to know him as a no-nonsense, straightforward and pleasant person.”

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