Global OTEC Resources Ready for Survey in Maldives

Global OTEC Resources is undertaking geotechnical, meteorological and oceanographic studies off the Maldives.

The company which aims to bring a new form of renewable energy to tropical islands has spent the last year developing concept for using ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)

Global OTEC Resources was awarded a £140,000 ‘Marine Challenge Fund’ grant in September 2018 to further the concept and will now look at the specific characteristics of the Maldivian archipelago.

A geotechnical study will determine how the relevant physical and chemical properties of the seabed will influence the design of the mooring system. A number of borehole samples and laboratory test results will be considered to carry out an initial assessment.

The company has appointed Ryder Geotechnical to provide expert advice based on their experience in the offshore oil and gas and renewables sectors.

Global OTEC Resources is also working in collaboration with the University Of Exeter’s Ocean Engineering group through Marine-i, who will deliver a preliminary site MetOcean report in the first quarter of 2019 covering several identified key areas in the Maldives.

The study will encompass a review of open source materials, in order to consider the temperature profiles, wind speeds, wave heights and currents at multiple co-ordinate points across the region, and should allow the Global OTEC Resources team to refine the hull and mooring system for the unit.

All of the above will help the company to further refine its cost model for the capital expenditure required to harness the Maldives thermal energy stored in the Indian Ocean.

Earlier this year, the Maldives Ministry of Economic Development issued a letter of support to Global OTEC Resources in a follow up to its meeting with the company held in Male in December.

Global OTEC Resources’ managing director, Dan Grech, said: “The interest we’ve received from the government and private tourism sector really highlights the potential for developing zero-fuel OTEC plants in the Maldives and we’re incredibly excited about this venture.

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