Global Marine Group Spins Oceanteam Turntable

Oceanteam Solutions has entered into a three-year agreement for rental of its 4000Te carousel for the ultimate client Global Marine Group.

The client has the option to extend this agreement with a total of five years.

The contract started end of February 2020.

For this specific project, the 4000Te carousel will be customised with a smaller basket and grillage outer diameter to fit client’s vessel.

Oceanteam has already started on the engineering and modification of the carousel. Mobilisation and demobilisation of the equipment will take place at Oceanteam’s base in Velsen, the Netherlands.

“We are very pleased that this new client has entrusted us with this significant long-term contract. Our skilled team is committed to deliver the equipment on time and customised to client’s needs, supporting a successful operation,” says Lars van ‘t Kruijs of Oceanteam Solutions.

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