GCE Subsea Sets Up 12-Week Growth and Scaleup Program

Norwegian industry initiative GCE Subsea, together with BI Norwegian Business School, MIT – Massachusetts Institute for Technology and Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO), will arrange a 12-week growth and scaleup program for eight selected and qualified companies from Bergen and Oslo.

The scaleup program, first announced in May this year, is designed for companies with a growth potential that are motivated to develop the company and take a big step forwards. It can be illustrated as those companies who want to develop their business from a 3-5 customer business to becoming an export business.

The program is 12-weeks long and is designed to provide customised training for the participants’ own projects. We select and match instructors and mentors with competency and insights that are targeted towards each of the participating company’s specific situation.

GCE Subsea will help the participating companies to address their scaling challenges and provide them with frameworks and tools to develop a strategy. Participants will use their own real-life challenges and co-create solutions together with peers from other industries.

The scaleup program offers a unique opportunity to meet with international entrepreneurial communities. In cooperation with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and BI Norwegian Business School, we will bring together participants, investors, mentors and relevant entrepreneurial communities to exchange ideas, knowledge and experiences.

The accelerator is structured around the MIT model for “Disciplined Entrepreneurship”. The model takes the participants through six themes which are further broken down into 24 steps.

Each theme addresses one focus area from customer segmentation and profiling, value proposition and competitive position, customer acquisition, business modelling, product building and design and finally how to scale each participating company’s business.

Program instructors and business mentors will guide each company through the 24 Step model; a tailormade process for each company which helps them creating an unparalleled and sustainable platform for further growth.

Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, Minister of Industry, will visit us 5 September and open the program together with BI’s Rector Inge Jan Henjesand, CEO Owe Hagesæther GCE Subsea and CEO Haakon H Jensen, Investinor.

The first program execution with five qualified companies from the Bergen region and three qualified companies from the Oslo region starts in September and ends in November and consist of five modules:

Module 1: Oslo – “How to develop a scalable business module1”;
Module 2: Regional Workshops – “Customer discovery, testing & developing, feedbacks and discussions.”;
Module 3: Boston – “Developing scalable business models”;
Module 4: Regional Workshops – “Business case exploration and testing, feedbacks and discussions”;
Module 5: Bergen – “Financing, competence acquisition, feedbacks and discussions, parallel tracks, and pitching for expert panel”;

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