GC Rieber CEO Steps Down

Christian Wilhelm Berg has resigned from the CEO position of GC Rieber Shipping with immediate effect in order to pursue other opportunities through his wholly owned company, Bech Offshore.

Bech Offshore was set up in 2017 with the concept to initiate investment opportunities related to distressed assets within the offshore support segment.

The activities of Bech Offshore was acquired by and integrated into GC Rieber Shipping when Christian Wilhelm Berg started as CEO, but will now be sold back to Bech Offshore.

The board of GC Rieber Shipping will initiate a process to recruit a new permanent CEO. Meanwhile, CFO Einar Ytredal will serve the role as acting CEO.

The board of GC Rieber Shipping would like to thank Christian Wilhelm Berg for his contributions as CEO of GC Rieber Shipping during a difficult time in the industry,” the company said.

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