Former BP Member Joins XWells as Head of Solutions Division

XWells Energy has appointed Kenny Gray, former BP regional subsea manager, Africa, as a head of Solutions Division.

As the head of XWells’ Solutions Division, Kenny will be responsible for designing responses to clients’ needs combining consulting, engineering studies and pioneering technologies.

This appointment gives XWells the opportunity to unveil its new corporate structure, now including three strategic business units setting the company structure for growth.

Next to the Solutions Division, a financial Division dedicated to project financing, asset sales assessment (XWells Capital) has been created, together with an E&P Division (XWells Operations) whose mission is to source relevant profiles for on-the-field missions or to train and upgrade operators’ teams.

From funding to delivery, we know all about the issues confronting the upstream industry. Such deep knowledge enables us to elaborate business strategies while offering also ‘last mile’ operational support on the ground,” said Pol Palacios, CEO of XWells. “We can complement and refine the work of existing teams on specific issues – for example, technical due diligence for the purchase of an oilfield, skills upgrading, or technologies’ assessment. With trusted experts such as Kenny, whom we are very pleased to welcome, we hope to soon become a reliable ‘go-to’ partner for industry players.”

Where I started my career as a technician and developed to a manager of mega projects in a Supermajor, I have seen a lot of the industry. Today, XWells appears to be the only company capable of finding responses to the burning questions facing E&P operators and suppliers – like whether the usual ways to operate are still relevant, or what future should be foreseen in a context of increasingly difficult projects, more volatile prices and increased environmental pressure,” said Kenny Gray. “This is a very exciting step particularly since XWells also has the ambition to support other sectors, like mining, renewables, infrastructure, in which E&P know-how can be a plus.“

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