Fincantieri Delivers New Oceanographic Vessel to IMR

Fincantieri has delivered oceanographic icebreaker vessel ‘Kronprins Haakon’ to the Institute of Marine Research (IMR), the Norwegian governmental body for oceanographic research and fishing.

With a gross tonnage of 9,000 tons, more than 100 meters long, 21 wide and a speed up to 15 knots, the vessel will operate in the polar waters.

The vessel will be able to carry out oceanographic and hydrographic research activities in any area of operation, Fincantieri explained.

The vessel is able to accommodate 55 people in 38 cabins – research personnel, students and crew. At the bow, the hangar is able to accommodate two helicopters and is equipped with complex instrumentation able to investigate the morphology and geology of the seabed.

The vessel is also capable to carry oout geology, geophysics, chemistry and seismology studies.

“‘Kronprins Haakon’ represents an important technical result for Fincantieri, achieved thanks to the various specific know-how developed by the company in the different high-added-value sectors in which it operates, such as naval vessels, submarines, cruise ships and special vessels,” Fincantieri said.

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