Equinor Hires Global Maritime for Njord Marine Ops

Global Maritime has been awarded a contract with Equinor from 2018 through 2020 for marine operations at the Njord field.

The field was temporarily shut down in 2016 and the Njord A platform and the Njord B FSO taken to shore for refurbishment, due to be completed in 2020.

Global Maritime has towed the Njord B from Kristiansund to Haugesund during this summer, and will execute a larger offshore campaign in 2019 that includes pre-installation of 10 mooring lines for Njord A & B, including the suction anchors; re-connection of the Njord B STL Buoy and mooring; lift & support of 7 Jumpers at Njord A; and recovery of one complete mooring line at Njord A including the suction anchor.

Equinor has chartered the newbuild Island Victory that Global Maritime will utilize to perform the 2019 campaign.

The contract also covers the tow and re-connection of both Njord A and Njord B at the offshore field in 2020.

Global Maritime has been working for Equinor Njord Future Marine since 2015 through 2017 with the disconnection and tow of Njord B and Njord A, including a contract extension to recover the Njord B STL system, the power cable between Njord A and Njord B, and the lift and support of seven risers at Njord A.

Global Maritime will oversee project management, engineering, equipment procurement and offshore management from its Stavanger and Oslo offices.

“This is a very important contract for us, and we’re happy to offer our expertise in marine operations for Equinor and truly believe that we have reduced cost by having a somewhat new approach to some of the tasks,” says Global Maritime marine operations director, Mats Olsvik.

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