C-Tecnics Kits Out Simec Trencher

Aberdeen-based C-Tecnics Subsea Electronics has fulfilled an order for six high definition underwater inspection cameras to be installed on Simec Technologies’ latest ROV.

The batch of model CT3017 titanium HD cameras, each providing full 1080p definition picture quality and rated to 4000 metres depth, should bolster the arsenal of Simec’s newest work-class trencher, C-Tecnics noted.

C-Tecnics director, Mark Marie, said: “An opportunity presented itself to support an organization like Simec, who provide valuable service to the offshore sector. We thrive on opportunities such as these and were very pleased that our cameras were selected to be part of a new state-of-the-art ROV system. We relish the prospect of working with Simec on future projects.

Simec’s new ROV has lately completed its factory acceptance tests and wet trials, and is expected to be complete and ready to enter service in early 2019.

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