C-Kore tech branching out into Chinese market

UK-based C-Kore Systems has recently signed its first contract for delivery of subsea monitoring tools for a Chinese operation.

The C-Kore tools will deliver subsea testing on the main umbilical before tying back into the existing structures.

Operators and installation contractors use C-Kore’s subsea testing tools on both installation campaigns and fault-finding operations.

The Cable Monitor unit confirms the insulation resistance and continuity of the electrical lines; while the Subsea TDR unit localizes anomalies within 20 centimetres.

With C-Kore’s automated units and online training, there is no need for extra offshore support to run the equipment.

Cynthia Pikaar, sales and marketing manager of C-Kore said:

“We are very happy to be working on this important installation project with our Chinese customer. We have worked hard to ensure our solutions fit the customer’s needs. With our technology being used by operators all over the globe to simplify their subsea testing, we are excited to be expanding into China.”

Greg Smith, general manager of C-Kore commented further, “It is great that our technology is branching out into the Chinese market. We have developed our tools to be easy to use with no offshore engineer required. This is a big advantage in the current market when travel is restricted due to the pandemic. We look forward to the successful deployment.”

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