Bhagwan Marine in Port of Melbourne Marine Maintenance Deal

Bhagwan Marine has secured the Port of Melbourne Marine Maintenance Contract through a competitive tender process.

The contract scope covers the inspection, reporting and maintenance of the Port of Melbourne’s infrastructure assets from the lower reaches of the Yarra River to Port Phillip Bay. Minor capital works are also delivered under the contract.

Bhagwan will provide vessels, including inshore construction vessels and workboats based permanently in the Port, with a skilled work force to undertake tasks including diving, inspection, maintenance and repairs.

Vessels from Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland will be deployed to the Port of Melbourne as required.

Personnel recruited locally in Melbourne will be supported by staff from Bhagwan’s other Australian operations, either as permanent full-time workers or to meet specific short- or long-term inspection, construction, diving or other service requirements, the company explained.

Loui Kannikoski, managing director of Bhagwan Marine said: “This is a recognition of our increasing reach and expertise across every aspect of marine services.  

“We’ve worked hard to diversify and expand our service offering in the last few years, and to secure a long-term contract demanding such a broad range of skills and experience makes it all worthwhile. We’re looking to develop a long-term partnership with the Port of Melbourne, and further cement our position as Australia’s most capable, committed and ‘can do’ marine services company.”

It’s an exciting time, but at the same time we’re well aware of the huge responsibility this contract places on us,” Kannikoski added. “The economy of Australia in many ways depends on the smooth operation of the Port of Melbourne, and the Port now depends on us to keep it safe, functional and efficient. It’s a good thing we’re up for the challenge.”

Port of Melbourne CEO, Brendan Bourke, said: “Bhagwan Marine was chosen as the port’s preferred maintenance operator due to its reputation for operational excellence and quality customer service. We expect this to continue at the Port of Melbourne as we embark on what will hopefully be a long term partnership.” 

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