Aqueos Wraps Up Subsea Campaigns Off US

Subsea services provider Aqueos has completed saturation diving and ROV campaigns for multiple clients on US North East Coast and a project on the West Coast.

The DP2 DSV Kelly Ann Candies conducted IMR work on multiple LNG offloading facilities in the area in depths down to ~350fsw. Work also included conducting 200T+ lifts for which Aqueos opted to mobilize local barges with winch spreads.

The West Coast campaign included the subsea inspection of three large conventional jacket structures off the coast of California.

The inspections are part of an ongoing structural integrity review of the jackets, and included detailed inspection of welds. Both Close Visual Inspection (CVI) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) methods were used though out the jackets, with depth ranges up to 1200 feet of sea water. Also included in the surveys, were detailed cathodic potential (CP) surveys to help determine the effectiveness of the current cathodic protection systems. A portion of the CP surveys included the cleaning of select anodes throughout the jackets, both by divers and the ROV and the taking of measurements, both manually in the case of the divers and by scaling lasers when taken by the ROV.

The surveys of the three jackets took place concurrently, with the diving operation conducted from the jackets and the ROV operations were performed from a floating asset. Through the course of the inspection program, the ROV performed over 100 dives with nearly 700 hours of in water time logged. The dive team logged 131 dives and nearly 337 hours of in water working time.

“This project was completed incident-free utilizing ABS Classed Surface Diving Equipment and Aqueos owned and operated ROV. This is a testament to the hard work and tenacity of our highly skilled offshore and project management teams.Incident-free work and our commitment to excellence is our highest priority.Our goal on every project is to exceed our customer’s expectation”, said Aqueos president and CEO, Ted Roche, “We appreciate the support and business partnering relationship we maintained with our client during this rigorous inspection campaign”.

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