Aquatic Delivers Mediterranean Campaign | Subsea World News

Aquatic has recently completed its work scope in the offshore installation of a threaded tubing pipeline in the Mediterranean Sea.

The work was done for Petrobel (a joint venture company between ENI & the Egyptian General Petroleum Company) as part of Maridive Offshore Project’s (MOP) scope aboard Maridive 232, a DPII diving support vessel hired by Petrobel for various subsea installation works.

Petrobel asked Maridive to study the use of Maridive 232 for the laying of 7-inch x 7 kilometers sea line on urgent basis. Maridive studied the possibility of constructing a temporary pipe lay firing line on board the vessel to fulfill client requirements.

During the early stages of the project, Aquatic assisted MOP with the front-end project engineering services, including equipment selection, deck layout review and sea line installation study against selected equipment.

Following on from that, Aquatic also provided equipment and experienced personnel to deliver the offshore operations. The 15Te 2-track tensioner was selected for this project. The equipment was mobilised from the UK to the Mediterranean for the project execution.

The whole project from mobilisation to offshore installation and demobilisation was completed safely and on schedule, Aquatic said.

As part of Aquatic’s commitment to the Mediterranean region, Aquatic decided to store the 2-track tensioner in MOP’s facility upon completion of the project.

The storage of equipment in Egypt is a strategic decision for Aquatic to expand its global equipment footprint and also resulted into a further award from MOP.

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