Aquatec delivers North Sea pressure monitoring solution

Aquatec Group has provided two rapidly deployable pressure loggers to a North Sea operator to meet an imminent offshore mobilisation.

The company engineered a pair of ROV-deployable magnetic mounts for its AQUAlogger 310 oceanographic pressure and temperature data loggers.

The loggers were then mounted directly onto subsea cross braces on a North Sea platform at two separate depths.

Aquatec delivered the pre-programmed instruments, which needed just a simple magnetic actuation prior to deployment subsea to trigger logging.

Both units have a “shake-to-show” feature allowing user to see if they are logging before deployment via LED indication.

The loggers are now recording pressure variations to provide insight into the coming season’s dive operations.

After the logging is complete, Aquatec will download and report on the logged data when the instruments are retrieved.

Engineering director of Aquatec Group, Nicolas Lefebvre, said:

“We are really glad that we can respond to our offshore customer’s urgent needs with the same professionalism as always even in these difficult times.

“Our team quickly developed, manufactured and tested a solution to meet the requirement of our client taking into account H&S and easy operation with a rapid turnaround time of just 10 working days.

“We are looking forward to analysing the data for our customer.”

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