Aquabotix Gets US Patent for ROV Camera Apparatus

UUV Aquabotix has been granted a United States patent for its Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) camera apparatus.

Many underwater vehicles operate with a single stationary camera, an interior-based moveable camera, or multiple cameras. Each of these configurations may have significant drawbacks and
ultimately limit their functionality and usefulness, Aquabotix explained.

For example, a forward-facing camera can be used for navigation but is limited if the operator would like to record information around the vehicle in a reconnaissance mission.

To address this challenge, Aquabotix developed a fully rotatable camera apparatus for attachment to its own or other vehicles.

The camera apparatus can be mounted to the side of a vehicle and configured to rotate, enabling an operator to have a completely unobstructed 360-degree view in an underwater environment.

This connector can also be used for mounting rotatable underwater light sources, the company added.

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