WWII Destroyer USS Strong Wreck Found

Wreckage of World War II destroyer USS Strong (DD 467) was recently discovered resting 300 meters below the surface of Kula Gulf, north of the island of New Georgia, in the Solomon Islands.

The expedition crew of Paul G. Allen’s research vessel (R/V) Petrel reported the the discovery of Strong who sunk on July 5, 1943 by an enemy torpedo thought to be from one of the longest distances ever in wartime. Of the 280 crew, 46 sailors were lost.

Rear Adm. (Ret.) Samuel Cox, director of Naval History and Heritage Command, said: “While the loss of Strong and 46 of her Sailors was tragic, it’s also an inspirational moment in the history of our Navy.”

According to the Navy’s historical account, American forces were landing at Rice Anchorage supported by Strong, USS Honolulu, USS Helena, USS St. Louis, and USS O’Bannon. They were headed for Kula Gulf to shell Japanese shore installations.

With each ship we are find and survey, it is the human stories that make each one personal,” said Robert Kraft, expedition lead and director of subsea operations for Petrel. “We need to remember and honor our history and its heroes, living and dead.”

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