Wirescan, EDS Carry Out Caithness-Moray LIRA Testing

Cable assessment experts Wirescan and high voltage engineering specialists EDS HV Group (EDS), have carried out LIRA testing at the HVDC link on SSEN Transmission’s Caithness-Moray project.

Drew Boa, SSEN Transmission’s HVDC Project Engineer, said: “The initial ‘fingerprint’ LIRA measurements on our Caithness-Moray subsea cable are the first for SSEN Transmission, and mark the beginning of a long-term asset management plan to monitor the condition
of the 160km circuit throughout its serviceable life. This monitoring programme will help us better understand the behaviour and ageing process of the asset, as well as helping to identify and rectify any developing risks at an early stage. By taking this proactive approach to cable asset management, we are not only aiming to reduce ongoing operational risks, we are ultimately looking to improve the future reliability of electricity transmission from the north of Scotland to the south and beyond.”

The two organisations responded quickly to SSEN Transmission’s request for testing, with EDS mobilising a trained LIRA test engineer equipped with the latest LIRA Acquire software and hardware to efficiently perform the test.

Morten Huseby, CEO, Wirescan AS said: “This is a new important step in our journey to fulfil the ambition and provide a streamlined integrated offering to our customers through solid partnerships. EDS’s professionalism and high skill set means that they were the obvious choice for Wirescan when deciding who to entrust with our technology.”

Marc Glenn, technical projects manager, EDS HV Group, added: “This joint effort demonstrated our collective power and the increased value that we can bring to the market. We are proud that Wirescan has chosen to partner with EDS, demonstrating their recognition of our skills and capabilities.”

LIRA technology (Line Impedance Resonance Analysis) is a breakthrough solution in assessing the condition of both de-energized and energized cables. It has been utilized in all segments of the cable market. Today Wirescan is entering the industry with Wirescan Digital, an automated cloud-based solution providing users with new opportunities in cable condition assessment and monitoring.

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