WFS Technologies Introduces New Riser Monitor

WFS Technologies has unveiled solutions to tackle the real-time monitoring of offshore risers both above and below surface, on fixed structures including jackets and braces.

The new products allow for the measurement of 9-axis motion (vibration, orientation), local analytics and the reporting of real-time information through the water-air boundary with WFS’ patented Seatooth technology.

Seatooth communicates through the water-air boundary removing the need for traditional dunkers.

Riser monitoring sensor data is used to validate riser fatigue analysis methods and re-calibrate existing predictive models. The WFS sensors are enabled with edge computing that can be used to validate the model in subsea conditions, and report data in real time.

Seatooth Assure Riser Monitor is the most advanced riser monitoring solution on the market,” said Brendan Hyland, founder and CEO of WFS Technologies.

“Building on proven and qualified subsystems, it provides operators with real time, actionable information on riser condition in all operating environments. We believe this will lead to improved safety, reduced risk of environmental incidents and reduced costs.”

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