Viper Launches New Asset Integrity Management Platform

Subsea technology and engineering firm Viper Innovations has launched V-ASSURE – a new portal software designed to provide managers of subsea control systems with a detailed picture of their subsea assets.

The product was initially unveiled at an event held at the Aberdeen Maritime Museum during November.

Designed to complement as opposed to replace, other data and task management software that managers already use, the V-ASSURE portal can be set up to interface with tag data historians, controlled document libraries and hyper-link to specific condition monitoring apps on other software platforms, the company explains.

Neil Douglas, managing director of Viper Innovations, said: “For the last 10 years, we have provided asset integrity management services to oil and gas operators and our experience of recording faults, analysing data, diagnosing and predicting degradation of components and sub-systems has all contributed to the creation of V-ASSURE. The V-ASSURE Portal software provides a methodical, auditable and cost-effective means by which the availability of a Subsea Production Control System can be maximised whether it was installed on the seabed 25 years ago or is a recent subsea tie-back.

“Feedback from clients who attended our preview day has been very positive; they can appreciate the benefits and we received a number of deployment opportunities.”

Fundamental to the new V-ASSURE portal is the concept of threat and how faults and degradation of sub-systems accumulate over time. Augmenting the traditional risk assessment methodology of consequence and likelihood by also considering mitigating factors such as the in-built redundancy of critical sub-systems is key to assess how they reduce the overall impact on production up-time. The portal also shows graphically how new and accumulating faults increase the threat to production and how the provision of appropriate spares, the timely conduct of maintenance and inspection routines and having contingency engineering scopes fully defined all contribute to lowering the level of threat.

A central feature is an integrity map of the subsea control system on which all the key components and inter-connections are editable allowing key data, fault history, maintenance and repair logs, change management reports, videos and photos to be stored in context and retrieved when needed.

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