Viking Link Seeks Marine Warranty Surveyors

Danish TSO Energinet has issued a tender that concerns consultants working on board the cable laying vessels as Marine Warranty Surveyors for the full duration of Viking Link interconnector laying campaigns.

Prysmian is responsible for the development of offshore section of the Viking Link, which is the first submarine cable connection between the UK and Denmark, executed in collaboration between National Grid Viking Link Limited and Energinet.

The tendered contract will comprise two Marine Warranty Surveyors who will be working in shifts during the survey, so that one will take over for the other upon crew change.

The Contracting Authority intends to prequalify the 4 applicants who are evaluated as most qualified for the specific tender. Only these applicants will be invited to submit a tender. If more than four applicants meet the minimum requirements listed above, the selection of the applicants will be based on the submitted references.

The offshore cable operations will be performed using Prysmian’s new installation vessel.

Commissioning of the Viking Link is scheduled for the end of 2023.

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