Van Oord Names SRI Vessel Bravenes in Rotterdam

Van Oord has unveiled its subsea rock installation (SRI) vessel Bravenes at the Wilhelminakade in Rotterdam on Monday.

The SRI vessel Bravenes was christened by Yvon van Oord-Barbier, the wife of CEO Pieter van Oord.

The Bravenes is the third vessel to join Van Oord’s SRI fleet. SRI vessels stabilize and protect subsea pipelines, cables and other structures at depths down to 1,500 meters.

The Bravenes will be able to install rock in three different ways, it can install rock through a fallpipe inserted through the moonpool, through a fallpipe over the side, and through a tremie pipe over the side.

Maurits den Broeder, Van Oord’s managing director Offshore said: “The Bravenes is equipped with the latest innovations to improve vessel safety and efficiency, for example a fully automatic fallpipe loading and transport system. The Bravenes will allow Van Oord to maintain its leading position in this market.”

After the christening, the Bravenes will be setting course for Norway to work on various North Sea projects.

From mid-July, it will carry out stabilization operations for Nord Stream 2, the gas pipeline that will stretch from Russia to Germany.

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