Trendsetter equipment for LLOG subsea developments

Trendsetter Engineering has secured a contract for the provision of subsea manifold and TCS connection systems for LLOG Exploration Offshore‘s Spruance and Dome Patrol subsea developments in the Gulf of Mexico.

The manifold will feature Trendsetter’s TCS subsea production connectors along with production valves sourced from Advanced Technology Valve S.p.A. (ATV) in Colico, Italy.

The equipment delivery will take place in Q2 2021.

“The TCS connectors and manifold demonstrate Trendsetter’s ability to provide forward‐thinking and seamlessly integrated production equipment,” said Ron Downing, president of Trendsetter Engineering. “We look forward to delivering a best in class subsea manifold that is both innovative and cost effective for LLOG’s field development.”

Trendsetter’s scope of work includes the design and manufacture of the subsea connectors, manifold, the associated pipework, and also the mud mat. Trendsetter will utilise Advanced Technology Valve’s (ATV) expertise in providing subsea gate valves for use in the subsea production system.

The heart of the TCS is Trendsetter’s proprietary TEX metal‐to‐metal (MTM) gasket system. Trendsetter first introduced its subsea connector and TEX gasket technology to the industry in 2015 and has now since delivered more than 250 connectors to clients around the world. The product line spans 2” through 16” nominal bore sizes, as well as multi‐ bore, 400°F and 20,000 psi offerings.

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