Total to Extend Skirne and Byggve Lifespan

Total E&P Norge has been given consent to use Skirne and Byggve offshore gas fields beyond the originally planned operational life.

Skirne and Byggve deposit is in the central North Sea, 20 kilometers east of Heimdal at water depth of 120 meters. The field has been developed using two subsea templates tied back to the Heimdal facility.

In 2002, the Skirne Byggve plan for development and operation (STFT) was submitted and the Norwegian Cabinet approved the development of the fields. Production began in 2004.

The Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) has now given green light to Total to extend the operational life of Skirne and Byggve to March 2024.

According to PSA, Total has demonstrated having oversight of the technical conditions and has plans for maintenance and follow-up, such that the facilities and equipment may continue to be operated in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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