TGS Wraps Up SeepHunter Campaign Off Brazil

TGS has completed a new multibeam and coring program covering over 213,0000 square kilometers in the Campos and Santos basins of offshore Brazil.

This study, known as a SeepHunter campaign, includes the results of 342 conventional cores and 29 jumbo piston cores and heat probes. In additon, advanced geochemistry has been performed on over 60 core samples to date.

Kristian Johansen, CEO at TGS, said, “We are very pleased to have completed this monumental undertaking in Brazil. TGS is making significant investments in geoscience projects in the region, including 2D and 3D regional seismic acquisition. Additional SeepHunter programs are also planned. We will continue to prioritize Brazil as it remains a world class petroleum basin with some of the world’s most exciting oil and gas exploration opportunities.”

In 2018, TGS expanded its Santos 3D program over the prospective southern Santos Basin offshore Brazil. Combined with long-offset 2D seismic surveys over most of the Santos and Campos Basins, the 3D surveys cover an area south of the major oil and gas discoveries in the Santos Basin and the recent highly sought-after blocks offered in Rounds 15 and 16, the company noted.

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