TGS Completes Carbon Capture Storage Atlas in Canada

TGS has completed a Geological Carbon Storage Atlas for British Columbia, Canada for a major oil and gas company.

The objective of the study was to provide the most up-to-date understanding of geological carbon storage locations, onshore and offshore, throughout the province of British Columbia.

Through collaboration with its partner Canadian Discovery Limited (CDL), TGS leveraged its basin evaluation expertise, subsurface data library, and geological knowledge and experience through working in British Columbia, to create a framework for carbon storage assessment and atlas for potential storage locations.

Katja Akentieva, EVP of Onshore & Well Data at TGS, said, “TGS has a goal to contribute to a more sustainable energy future. This project is a great example of how TGS data and insight enabled its customers to evaluate carbon storage opportunities which ultimately leads t o reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. I am pleased to see how TGS is able to apply its ESG strategy in a practical setting.” 

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