Telxius Opens Derio Communications Hub

Telxius, the communications infrastructure company of the Telefonica Group, has launched its purpose-built, interconnection-rich, Derio communications hub.

Strategically located in the north of Spain, it is only a few kilometers away from subsea cable MAREA’s landing point.

With 2,000 sqm and up to 4 MW of power, the Derio facility is carrier neutral and features TIER III specifications, representing the newest design in subsea cable infrastructure.

The facility offers the unique combination of being an expanded cable landing station (CLS) with advanced cable transmission capabilities as well as a fully-fledged international PoP, the company said.

“As interconnection has become pervasive, we are now ready to enable new business opportunities for customers drawing on the superior latency and capacity features in MAREA, our flagship transatlantic cable,” explains Rafael Arranz, COO Telxius, Cable Business. “We have done this by adding rich interconnection capabilities through a purpose-built, next-generation, highly specialized communications hub in a strategic location very close to MAREA in the north of Spain. We welcome any terrestrial fiber, connectivity, digital media, cloud and/or content provider to enjoy the best IP, capacity and colocation services by joining this new communications hub.”

With rich interconnection as a main feature by design, this brand-new infrastructure maps Spain as a strategic communications port linking the Americas, Europe and beyond and connecting securely and dynamically to important international hubs such as Marseille, Paris, London and Frankfurt.

Through Marseille, a major subsea cable hotspot in the Mediterranean and a gate to other relevant markets such as MENA and APAC, the Derio communications hub opens up a door into Europe that effectively extends the benefits and massive available capacity of the MAREA system, the company concluded.

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