Teledyne Marine rolls out new ultra compact modem

Teledyne Marine has launched its new ultra compact modem (UCM).

Sized at just 60 x 50 milimetres, and weighing in at just 55 grams, the OEM version of the UCM is the smallest acoustic modem that comes from Teledyne Benthos.

The UCM is based on Teledyne Benthos signal processing technology to address the need for reliable wireless underwater acoustic communications onboard the growing number of autonomous micro vehicles and other subsea instruments.

As the size of these micro vehicles continues to decrease, Teledyne Marine has responded with lightweight, low power, sensors and systems to expand the usefulness of these platforms, increasing the number of tasks they can perform.

The self-contained UCM rates to 700 metres; OEM versions are also available with multiple remote transducer options for greater depths.

The UCM boasts increased transmit power resulting in increased range and improved data reliability, as well as a decreased power draw, both of which critical for autonomous vehicles and extended subsea instrumentation deployments.

As with Teledyne’s ATM series modems, the Ultra Compact Modem is compatible with the feature-rich UTS-9400 Universal Top Side (UTS), and the soon to be launched CE marked UTS-9500. It is also fully compatible with the NATO Janus underwater communication interoperability standard.

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