TDI-Brooks delivers two EBS projects offshore Angola

Offshore survey player TDI-Brooks has recently completed two environmental baseline studies (EBS) for Cabinda Gulf Oil Company Limited (CAGBOC) and ExxonMobil offshore Angola.

The project saw TDI- Brooks deploy its 49-metre oceanographic research vessel R/V Proteus to blocks 0 and 14 for CAGBOC and Block 15 for ExxonMobil.

For Chevron’s subsidiary CAGBOC, water column and sediment sampling included collecting 63 sediments samples, 27 water samples and 9 water column profiles.

For ExxonMobil at Block 15, TDI-Brooks collected 56 sediment samples, 55 SPI/PV image samples, 14 plankton samples, 42 discrete water samples, 14 discrete (surface) water samples as well as 14 CTD water profiles.

ExxonMobil has a 40-percent interest in Block 15 which has recoverable resource potential of approximately 4 billion gross oil-equivalent barrels. Block 15 was Angola’s second-highest-producing block in 2016.

The company said its crew adhered to strict COVID-19 protocols and mitigation measures ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

The TDI-Brooks vessel earmarked for this project was outfitted with TDI-Brooks’ complete geotechnical tool kit including 20-m JPCs and 40-m CPT-Stinger/Samplers along with other TDI- Brooks standard SGE, HF, survey, EBS, cable route, services.

Built in 1976, the R/V Proteus is in ABS class and had an extensive technical refit in 2009 and one further in 2014 making it suitable for extended voyages. Its current configuration allows up to 25 guests /scientists and also 10 crew.

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