Swan Hunter Preps Cable Handling and Setup Spread for CWind

Swan Hunter has completed mobilisation and commissioning of its new modular offshore carousel and associated equipment onboard the ASV Pioneer barge, for client CWind.

The new basket carousel, has been mobilised onto the barge in the smallest of four configurations, at 2000Te capacity, but can be extended up to 7000Te due to it’s modular design, the company explained.

In addition to the carousel, Swan Hunter has also provided a loading tower combined with 10Te tensioner, which has been integrated with CWind’s cable highway. Completing the cable handling spread is a 15Te deck mounted tensioner.

Swan Hunter’s director, Gerard Kroese, stated: “We are very pleased to supply this cable handling and installation spread to the market, supporting CWind’s unique offering to the subsea power cable industry with the ASV Pioneer through their ‘Complete Cable Care’ service. The modular design of our equipment clearly provides the flexibility that is required for a simple and functional deck spread that can be utilised on a variety of power cable installation, repair, and transportation projects.”

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